My Terrible Movie is Just Like Hillary Clinton, Says Director

The failed Ghostbusters reboot and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common.

1. No one except Gender Studies majors asked for either one.

2. They both failed and cost a lot of money.

3. Neither will take responsibility for anything.

4. Hillary Clinton has tried summoning ghosts (Fact)

But there is one difference.

1. Nobody blamed the Ghostbusters reboot bombing on the Russians Yet.

I don't want to give Paul Feig any ideas.

Paul Feig, director of 2016’s female-led Ghostbusters reboot, says the movie was caught in the same misogynistic “vortex” as then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Also Tank Girl. And probably Catwoman.

“I have been dying for somebody to look at Hillary Clinton’s campaign and us, because we were caught in the exact same vortex,” Feig told The Telegraph when speaking about new Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively mystery-thriller A Simple Favor.

If A Simple Favor bombs, it'll also be struck in the Clintonvortex.

“It was shocking. I still think about it a lot, honestly — sometimes I’m like, ‘OK, stop thinking about it.’ Because I’m really proud of the movie, and while people still send me mean things, overwhelmingly more people tell me they love it.”

Certainly all of Paul's assistants love it.

Feig said the film has since inspired young women to enter into scientific fields, 

It didn't inspire them to become ghost hunters or mediums?

We're talking about a bomb from 2016. And yet it's somehow already minted a whole bunch of new scientists. Possibly using time travel.

Anyway it's all Trump's fault.

“It ignited these passions that were already around because Trump was stirring them up,” Feig said. 

That's right, people hated your movie because of Trump. Only because of him. No other reason.

He said previously the movie was hampered by it taking on a second life as “a cause,” saying the movie “was only supposed to be there to entertain people.”

Much like Hillary Clinton.