Not Even the Media Believes E. Jean Carroll

Normally, in this political environment, a media type coming forward to accuse President Trump of rape should have been the top story. Forever.

But compared to the Kavanaugh hysteria,  E. Jean Carroll's accusation appeared and is just as quickly disappearing.

Why? It's fairly obvious that she has no credibility even compared to some very dubious past figures.

Between the book launch and a disastrous MSNBC interview in which Carroll burned through whatever credibility she had by declaring that filing rape charges against Trump would be disrespectful to the women being raped on the border, the media thinks she has no credibility.

And the hard lefties are fuming.

The Columbia Journalism Review which lately seems to have taken on a new mission of pushing the media as far to the Left as it can possibly go, whines, "E. Jean Carroll's Trump rape claim did not get enough coverage".

That's true.

The reason it's not getting coverage is because the media doesn't want to embarrass itself and discredit the anti-Trump movement.

The media is trying to protect its own credibility and campaign against Trump. And CJR would like to go full crazy and deliver wall-to-wall coverage of Carroll spouting insane and ridiculous things on national television.

Like this.


The media should provide Carroll with more coverage. It's keeping her off not to spare Trump, but to spare the anti-Trump movement.