One of America's Biggest Billionaires Wastes Another $500 Million in Failed War on Coal Miners

There are 3 things Michael Bloomberg hates

1. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights

2. Large sodas

3. Coal miners

Despite wasting a massive fortune on these campaigns, he has rather little to show for them. But that isn't stopping Mike. Here's another $500 mil.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is donating half a billion dollars to a new environmental campaign to close all of the coal plants in the US by 2030, he announced Thursday.

Bloomberg, who is estimated to be worth $54 billion, is making the donation to the campaign called “Beyond Carbon” in an effort to bypass the federal government and make the change at the state and local level, Bloomberg said.

So Bloomy's abandoned hope at the federal level and is hoping that local governments in red and purple states will kill thousands of jobs at the behest of one of the most hated billionaires in the country not named Bill, Tom or George?

How does someone get to be worth $54 billion while failing so much at the basic realities of life.

For that $500 million, he could have bought himself one of the top 5 spots in the Dem 2020 campaign. Or maybe not.