Pinterest Banned a Pro-Life Group Even as Site Increases Cancer Risk

After covertly banning Live Action by falsely classifying it as a porn site (among other conservative sites), Pinterest, a social network site aimed at women, openly banned it for, “harmful misinformation" which includes, "medical misinformation."

The question of killing babies is a moral one, not a medical one. 

But Pinterest was riding the new campaign against vaccine critics to a crackdown on the beliefs of half the country.

And while Pinterest bans conservatives, it hosts a great buffet of medical misinformation and assorted dangerous practices. Like making your own sunscreen.

A new study set out to study the effects these DIY sunscreen claims had on Pinterest users, and whether the sunscreens in question actually worked. What they found was quite unsettling, especially as the summer months kick off in the U.S. and the need for skin safety becomes even more important. Ninety percent of recipes the study authors looked at advertised themselves as effective sunscreen — but more than 2/3 of those recipes didn’t actually work.

But Pinterest has no problem with cancer risks. What it does have a problem with is conservatives.

Meanwhile the Woke/Broke formula appears to be holding.

Shares of Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) were heading lower last month after the online pin board turned in an underwhelming earnings report, its first as a publicly traded company. An initial round of analyst ratings, macro headwinds from the trade war, and general volatility following its IPO in April also seemed to move the stock during the month. Shares finished the month down 20% according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

As you can see from the chart below, the stock had a number of ups and downs, though its biggest sell-off came on May 17, when it lost 13.5%.