Pittsburgh Mayor: "We Welcome All Refugees" After Refugee Terror Plot

No amount of Islamic terrorism will ever force us to revaluate our eagerness to welcome terrorists into our communities.

 Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto reaffirmed his support for the refugee and immigrant community just hours after a Syrian refugee was charged with plotting an ISIS-inspired terror bombing at a local church.

“Pittsburgh has historically been a home for refugees and immigrants and will continue to be one,” Peduto said.

The Mayor’s statement came after the Department of Justice announced that Syrian refugee and Pittsburgh resident Mustafa Alowemer was arrested after allegedly planning to bomb the Legacy International Worship Center on the North Side.

Mayor Peduto’s statement continued, “In debates over the refugee crisis the past several years, as people from around the world have sought to flee violence and misery and seek better lives for their families in the United States, I have always been consistent in our message: we welcome all refugees and immigrants, and we oppose hate against anyone in any form."

Pick one or the other. You can't do both.

You can either oppose hate or welcome people who hate into Pittsburgh.