Trump Raises More Money in 24 Hours Than Biden Did in 1 Month

Before President Trump's launch, the media echo chamber was jamming it with stories about how he was having trouble fundraising.

Now, Trump has raised nearly $25 million in under 24 hours. 

By comparison, Biden touted his campaign launch by raising $6.3 million in 24 hours. He's currently bragging that he raised a little under $20 million.

That was back in April. 

Trump raised more money in 24 hours than Joe Biden did in over a month. 

As CNN puts it, 

Joe Biden revealed Monday that his campaign may have raised nearly $20 million since the former vice president entered the 2020 race -- a figure that would surpass the amount raised by any of the Democratic presidential candidates in the first fundraising quarter.

He told attendees at a New York City fundraiser Monday evening that 360,000 donors have given to his campaign with an average contribution of $55, which would total $19.8 million.

Biden told his supporters they have "allowed me to be able to compete in a way that I've never been able to before. We've raised a great deal of money."

This is what a great deal of money actually looks like.

President Donald Trump raked in nearly $25 million in campaign contributions for his re-election effort in less than 24 hours, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee said Wednesday.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders had also been touting his pathetic $6 million. As did Beto and Buttigieg.