Typhus Tourism: Los Angeles Has Biggest Population Loss in America

California has been the country's largest scale experiment as to what happens when a somewhat Republican state become a one-party socialist oligarchy in which there's less room for political dissent than in a vegan juice bar. In Los Angeles, Democrat rule led to a typhus outbreak.

And people are fleeing the area. 

A breakdown of last year’s census numbers shows Orange County had 20,104 more people leave than move in, marking the 10th worst net out-migration among big counties in the U.S. L.A. County had 98,608 people leave, marking the biggest net loss in the U.S.

Leaving is still going to cost you. According to one U-Haul store employee in Orange County, trucks going one-way out of state are in high demand.

From Orange County to Phoenix, a 26 ft. truck is estimated to cost $1,465. The same truck going in the opposite direction is estimated to cost $101.

That's what you call market signals.

Typhus, crazy people wandering the streets and an endless array of taxes is not as appealing as lefties seem to think.

Los Angeles is eliminating any possibility of a permanent millennial middle class without which it has no future. Like New York and so many other hip cities, its under 35 population consists of either the very wealthy, the very poor, or an upper middle class that can't afford to settle down there.

Add on the typhus and the taxes, and more millenial couples than ever are headed for the door.