Washington Post: O.J. Simpson Proves White People are Racist

If the Washington Post and its social justice clickbait headlines didn't exist, satirists of the future would have to make them up.

Phillip Lamarr Cunningham / Washington Post: Twenty-five years ago, O.J. Simpson showed white Americans just how conditional their comfort with black athletes was  

Can this be met with anything other than contempt. By anyone?

Yes, white American comfort with athletes, of any color, was conditional on them not murdering people.

If they truly weren't racist, they would have stuck by O.J. Simpson even after the murders. 

I would read the story but then I remembered that

1. It's the Washington Post

2. My comfort with mau mauing is conditional on its entertainment value and this just doesn't seem entertaining enough

But the Washington Post and PLC helpfully remind us of the ironclad rule that anything that occurs can only prove, rather than disprove, the fact that white people are racist.

O.J. Simpson murdering people has never proven any generality except that white people are racist.

Ron Goldman was not available for comment.

*Also, White Americans comfort with black presidential conditional on him not destroying the economy