66% of Americans, 57% of Male Dems, Oppose Decriminalizing Border Invasions

That's an NPR poll by the way.

After years of media shrieking, the Democrats have signed on to some variation of legalizing illegal border crossings. Senator Elizabeth Warren has been pretty clear about that being her plan. Julian Castro won media cheers for bullying Beto O'Rourke over not jumping on it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is pushing it.

But how popular is the idea? Slightly more popular than AOC. But not by that much.

When asked, "Do you think decriminalizing illegal border crossings is a good idea or a bad idea?", a decisive majority called it a bad idea.

66% of adults and 67% of registered voters think it's a bad idea.

Only 27% think it's a good idea.

47% of Democrats are against and 45% are for it.

68% of independents think it's a bad idea.

37% of progressives are for, while 54% are against.

57% of Democrat men are against while 40% are for. Among Democrat women, 48% are in favor and 41% are against.

Take a look at those figures and tell me Trump doesn't know a wedge issue when he sees one.

Even among people who call themselves very liberal, 41% are opposed and 50% are in favor.

63% of non-whites are against.

59% of millennials are against.

67% of big city residents are opposed.

The Democrats have been honest. They've openly admitted that they support open borders. Americans, even fairly liberal ones, don't.

This is an explosive election issue.