7X More People Watched the Seinfeld Finale Than the Women's Soccer Final

Americans don't actually care about soccer. 

Despite the media's best efforts to turn the latest kickball game into a culture war event revolving around Trump, most people still didn't care.

The U.S. national women’s soccer team achieved a spectacular World Cup repeat yesterday, beating the Netherlands in a tense final in Lyon, France. If the early figures are anything to go by, the game also provided a strong finish for Fox in the ratings.

Sunday’s final posted a 10.0 overnight metered market rating. For comparison, the semifinal scored a 5.5 in the same demographic and went on to a total of just over 7 million viewers, while the quarter final against the host nation France posted a a 4.9 and ended up with 6.12 million total viewers. That metered market figure is up 20% on last year’s men’s World Cup final, which scored an 8.3 and was watched by a total of 12.5 million viewers.

These are really good ratings... for soccer. Or, if you're among the few non-hipsters who watch this stuff, Futbol.

By way of comparison, the Super Bowl pulled in 98.2 million viewers. Down from 103.4 million.

76 million people tuned in to the Seinfeld finale.

90 million watched the Cheers finale.

15.5 million people have watched NCIS. 12 million watch Blue Bloods. 10 million watched the various Chicago shows. Which I didn't even know existed.

So yes, nobody cares.