CLOWN CAR: Who's Up for a 26th Dem Candidate in 2020?

Back in New York City, mothers would tell their kids, "If Pete jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it?"

The 2020 Dem field is filled with people immune to the logic of that simple question. That's why there's a 26th candidate emerging in the clown car from hell. At least I think he's the 26th candidate.

We're losing count at this point.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who toyed with a 2020 presidential run before deciding against it, has told people he plans to announce that he’s entering the race for the Democratic nomination, according to three people familiar with his plans. Steyer had said in January that he was passing on a 2020 run.

Steyer held a private conference call last week to announce to people who work for Need to Impeach, NextGen America and Steyer's Sacramento office that he was planning to run, according to one of the people.

This is particularly confusing since... 

1. Jay Inslee seems to have already gotten into this thing as the global warming candidate under the impression that Steyer would be funding him. The 2020 race will now have two single-issue global warming candidates arguing that only they can be trusted to stop the planet from blowing up.

Steyer's other big issue was impeaching Trump. I don't think even in this field, it's possible to run for president based on a promise to impeach the previous president. But I may be overestimating the idiocy and insanity of the current electorate.

2. Steyer, unlike most of the field, doesn't need to run for president to make money or build his national profile. So this is just a Bloombergian vanity candidacy. Speaking of, what are the odds of Michael Bloomberg changing his mind and jumping in? Why not 27? or 270?