Dem Debate Pits Radical Extremists Against Extremist Radicals

The last debate was supposed to be the coronation of Kamala "That girl was me" Harris.

Instead, after a burst of good polls, voters realized that Harris wasn't all that interesting and the media struggled to keep reporting on her. Instead, the top tier below Biden is stocked with hard lefties like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

With the race having shifted, yet again, Dem 2020ers began reinveting themselves as moderates. Occasionally. 

They're not extremist radicals. They're radical extremists.

Beto O'Rourke seems to have realized that he won't even place in the primaries and is preparing to shift to another Texas race. He spoke with nervous intensity while patting an imaginary dog, and has probably managed to convince even his biggest fans it's time to move on.

John Delaney and Steve Bullock pushed back against Sanders and Warren with a limited degree of effectiveness. Delaney reminded me of Jim Webb, in that he knows the material, but his personality and mannerisms get in the way. Bullock did well enough that he will probably get a sizable bounce. Neither of them are moderates, but they're gambling that in an electability primary, they might serve as the counterweights to Sanders and Warren, while staying in the game

Meanwhile Warren and Sanders hysterically defended their plans or lack thereof. 

Sanders is basically incapable of articulating policy, but Warren, who actually can, resorted to cheap attacks (anyone who disagreed with her was invariably playing into Trump's hands) and ridiculous sophistry. All of this was delivered in the shrill hysterical tone of Lady Macbeth wandering the halls of her castle while looking for Tide with Bleach.

Tim Ryan, appearing haunted, turned in another miserable performance. Hickenlooper dithered and rambled. Marianne Williamson proposed that the public should have to finance political campaigns. Because the people have to pay to be oppressed. And to subsidize the lunacy of nonsense candidates like Williamson. Amy Klobuchar reminded everyone that as campaigns go, she's far out of her element.

Everyone took radical positions, but was able to evade and dance around them. 

Still any Dem watching now has it hammered into their heads that Medicare for All will take away their health insurance. Kamala Harris has backed off this hill. But Sanders and Warren both are all in on gulaging everybody's health insurance and replacing it with magic beans.

Don't worry, it'll cover everything. Bernie Sanders wrote the bill, he oughta know. And money is an infinite resource created by bills. 


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