Dem Pol: 4th of July is About Beaches, Not Presidential Addresses

I haven't independently verified this quote, but it's been making the rounds of Dem Twitter and is presumably authentic.

“July 4th [is] a holiday we celebrate equally, at barbecues and picnics, in backyards and at the beach, not standing at attention before some mighty person or institution.” Rep Tom Malinowski.

Rep. Malinowski. who is supposed to be the new Democrat voice on foreign policy you never actually heard of, seems to think that Independence Day is just a day when you go to the beach or have a panic.

Not a day when you listen to a presidential speech.

In fact, we did celebrate the Fourth of July throughout our history with addresses and speeches, and yes, fireworks and beer and good food.

At some point, the patriotism fell away for many people, many of them Democrats, and it just became a day to have a barbecue or go to the beach.