Dem Sheriff Of Jail Epstein Left To Meet Women to Launch "Investigation"

Let's recap the gentle, loving slap on the wrist that Jeffrey Epstein received from Florida Dems. (And the media's eagerness to cover for them.)

Epstein served his "prison sentence" in a private wing of the Palm Beach Stockade where allegedly the doors weren't locked. Despite being a level 3 sex offender, Epstein was allowed out on work release to his own office. He hired Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputies as his security. They referred to him as a client rather than an inmate. They remained outside while he met privately with men and women in his office.

Allegedly he may have had sexual contact while serving his prison sentence. Possibly with minors.

Fortunately, there's an investigation.

A Florida sheriff on Friday launched an internal investigation into whether his deputies properly monitored billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly made inappropriate sexual contact during his 13-month jail sentence, The Associated Press reports.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said he wants to determine if any actions taken by the deputies assigned to monitor Epstein, 66, during his work release program violated any agency rules or regulations.

Would Ric like us to believe that he was unaware of the fact that his most famous prisoner...

1. Was using PBSO deputies as his private security?

2. Was leaving the jail to go to his office?

This is one of those "utterly incompetent" or "utterly corrupt" choices.

But I'm sure the internal investigation in the same area that mysteriously let Epstein go on work release to his office while he was supposed to be in jail will clear everything up

“I went by the guidelines," Bradshaw said. "I am not concerned at all about whether it was done properly or not because it was and we’ll go from there. ... I don’t control the State Attorney’s Office. I don’t control the federal prosecutors. I don’t control the investigators. They came to us. I house them. I go by the rules. And that’s it.”

I know nothing! I was only following orders.

Sheriff’s officials have said the visitor logs were destroyed as part of a routine records purge allowed by Florida law.

But please let's talk more about Acosta.

Bradshaw has said little about the matter and hasn’t scheduled a news conference to answer questions. Instead, the agency released a 19-minute video of an April interview that a documentary crew did with Chief Deputy Mike Gauger.

In the April interview, Gauger gave a much different assessment of Epstein’s behavior in jail. He described Epstein as a “friendly” inmate who created “no issues whatsoever during his incarceration period.”

He said Epstein was “very closely watched” while on work release by an off-duty deputy that Epstein was required to pay for. Epstein served 3 1/2 months locked down at the stockade before he was granted work release, which was approved in consultation with Epstein’s high-powered legal staff, Gauger said.

“He did not have free time to wander," Gauger said. "He was not allowed to go out for lunch. He was to stay in that office the entire time.”

That's right.

We told the serial pedophile he had to stay in his office. We didn't just let him roam the streets to potentially molest people. He had to do that in his office.

That MSW has really come in handy.

Chief Deputy Michael E. Gauger, MSW serves as the Senior Executive Staff Officer for the Department of Law Enforcement Operations and Corrections. As Chief Deputy he is responsible for an annual budget of $292 million, with a staff composition of 1,563 sworn and 1,734 non-sworn personnel; and, a Corrections' budget of $136 million, with a staff of 710 sworn personnel.

Chief Deputy Gauger is a distinguished honor graduate of Barry University, with a Master in Social Work. Additionally, he is a graduate of the 81st Session, Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Kentucky, Administrative Officer's Course, as well as, a 1996 Alumni, Leadership Palm Beach County.

Chief Deputy Gauger is an active member of many philanthropic, fraternal, and community-based organizations. He has earned many prestigious awards over a distinguished 39 year career, including a recent Special Citation for Meritorious Service, from the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in Washington, D.C.

HUD. I wonder if they have any thoughts on Epstein's housing situation?