DNA Evidence Shows Palestinians Were European Colonists

Not only wasn't Jesus a "palestinian", but the actual Palestinians or Philistines were European colonists. Much like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

New evidence has revealed that the ancient people most known for their biblical conflict with the Israelites were immigrants to the region in the 12th century BCE.

“For 30 years, we excavated at Ashkelon, uncovering Canaanites, early Philistines and later Philistines – and now we can begin to understand the story that these bones tell,” said Daniel M. Master, director of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, who headed the excavations.

The team used state-of-the-art DNA technologies on ancient bone samples unearthed during the excavation from 1985-2016. Analyzing for the first time genome-wide data retrieved from people who lived in Ashkelon during the Bronze and Iron ages (around 3,600 to 2,800 years ago), the team found that a substantial proportion of their ancestry was derived from a European population. This European-derived ancestry was introduced into Ashkelon around the time of the Philistines’ estimated arrival in the 12th century BCE.

The findings of the study were published Wednesday in Science Advances.

We always knew that the Philistines had been European arrivals with more sophisticated technology than the locals. The Romans used the name Palestine for the region, the way that Europeans associate America with European explorers and names like Columbus, Hudson and Amerigo.

When the Arab Muslim invaders began calling themselves "Palestinians" in the late 20th century, the issue became confused because they weren't even claiming descent from the Philistines.

And indeed, they aren't descended from them.

It was just a propaganda opportunity to exploit the name used by the British colonial authorities and familiar to many Europeans to claim legitimacy.

When lefties claim that the "Palestinians" are indigenous, they're arguing that falsely appropriating the name of a European settler population makes the local Arab Muslim invaders legitimate.


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