How is Rep. Ilhan Omar's Husband Driving a BMW?

Rep. Ilhan Omar's strange personal life keeps getting stranger with the new report that she's splitting from her husband. (As opposed to what some are calling her old husbro.)

Leftist congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her husband – the father of her three children – have split and are heading for their second divorce, has learned exclusively.

The bust-up comes just as critics are demanding answers as to whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the United States.

Omar has now dumped her current husband Ahmed Hirsi - who she first married in a religious ceremony in 2002 and divorced in 2008 - and moved into a penthouse apartment in one of Minneapolis's trendiest neighborhoods, has learned exclusively.

But Hirsi, is also spending time at the apartment, which is in the Mill District sector of Minnesota's largest city, when she is out of town.

Which, I guess, raises yet more questions about what's going on. But this is the part that jumped out at me,

'Wow,' said Hirsi, when approached about the split by outside the complex. 'I can't comment on that.

'I'm sorry, I just can't say anything,' he added before driving off in his BMW car.

They've got a house, with presumably a mortgage, presumably a D.C. apartment, and now another $2,800 a month luxury apartment. 

And Hirsi's driving a BMW. While having 3 kids.

That's some interesting financial management.

Where's that money coming from? Hirsi works for one of Rep. Omar's local DFL allies.

Between April and Aug. 6, Hirsi worked for St. Paul College helping students with financial aid and registration issues. Previously, he worked as a banker for Wells Fargo for 11 years. Since May 2016, Hirsi has been running his own business, New American Financial Literacy, which advises immigrant communities about homebuying, banking, entrepreneurship and taxes.

Hirsi, who declined to comment Wednesday because he said he didn’t sign official documents, is expected to start his new job in September. The salary for senior policy aides for council members ranges from $73,000 to $81,000, city records show.

There's little information on New American Financial Literacy, but it appears to overlap with a number of Somali community groups. Its description appears to be a combination of buzzwords and rampant illiteracy.

New American Financial Literacy exist for the sole purpose of equipping community members with the vital and necessary tools to lay fundamental foundation for economic growth and sustainability. We promote the understanding of different factors of the financials world whether it be personal banking, credit/debit, taxes, student loans, homeownership, retirement, and entrepreneurship. Through robust outreach, and impactful resources we wish to stimulate more economic opportunity and growth within our thriving and diverse communities. 

Hirsi doesn't seem to have figured out singular and plural.

Other businesses listed as being at this address include, Shaqodoon Employment Solutions Active, Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, and the Somali Women's Education Network.