Huffington Post Used Trump-Bashing to Sell Jeffrey Epstein to Lefties

How do you sell a rehab of an accused pedophile to lefties at the Huffington Post? 

You do it by wrapping a puff piece on Jeffrey Epstein in Trump-bashing. The original version may be down, but the archived version of, "Trump’s Proposed “Anti-Science” Budget Cuts Encourages Private Donor To Fund Scientists" still exists.

It predictably begins with a quote from disgraced lefty culture hero Neil DeGrasse Tyson who had his own #MeToo accusations swept under the rug. 

Then there's a reference to Stephen Colbert. And then it's time for the third creepy lefty dude in the trio.

Due to Trump’s anti-science policies and budget cuts, scientists are looking towards private donors for funding. Philanthropic dollars have now come to play an important role in scientific progress.

The American financier and philanthropist, Jeffery Epstein, is known for supporting science; he is currently taking action to help a number of scientists thrive during the “Trump Era.”

None of this is new for Jeffery, though. Jeffery’s funding for science dates back to the year 2000, when he founded the Jeffery Epstein VI foundation to support cutting-edge science and science education around the world. The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has supported many leading scientists including Stephen Hawkings, Martin Nowak, Gregory Benford, Lee Smolin, Seth Lloyd, Lawrence Krauss, Artificial Intelligence scientist, Marvin Minsky and Nobel Laureates Gerard 't Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek.

Supporting 'Stephen Hawkings' in the Trump era is really vital.

Why did the Huffington Post decide to run this? Somebody ask Arianna at her next lecture on #MeToo.