I Predicted Rep. Amash's Defection Before It Happened

Rep. Justin Amash had been playing a game of chicken with Republicans and conservatives, testing to see how long they would ignore his radical politics. He managed to beat off Republican and conservative challengers for a long time until he finally succeeded in attracting Trump's attention.

Unlike his other deviations from conservative and constitutional principles, Amash's championing of the leftist attempt to overturn the 2016 election killed his reelection prospects. Without his donors and with polls showing him in third place, he decided to quit the GOP.

And, in predictable fashion, with a rant touting constitutional principles he doesn't have and couldn't spell.

Back in June, I predicted, "a series of op-eds in the Washington Post about conservative principles" and "a lunch with Bill Kristol followed by a 2020 primary challenge".

The Washington Post editorial about conservative principles is here.

Amash has announced he's leaving the GOP "you can't fire me, I quit" so it won't presumably be a primary challenge. But he's refusing to rule out a third party bid.

It's only a question of whether Pierre Omidyar will put up the money.