"If There’s an *Ounce* of Decency Left in the Republican Party," Says Dem Senator Tried for Bribery

I don't know about you, but I like to get all my phony outrage from politicians put on trial for corruption.

Senator Bob Menendez tweeted, "Another vile, racist attack from the President. These comments are absolutely disgusting, and sure don’t reflect our American values. If there’s an *ounce* of decency left in the Republican Party, they’ll speak up and condemn Trump’s comments."

Do the Democrats have an ounce of decency, considering that Menendez still represents New Jersey despite being severely admonished by a Senate panel and being put on trial for corruption.

The bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee unanimously issued a rare rebuke on Thursday, formally admonishing the senator for his conduct over a six-year period with his longtime friend and political ally Dr. Salomon Melgen.

The long-dormant panel — which had not issued a public release since 2012 — said Menendez brought discredit to the Senate and ordered him to repay all impermissible gifts and refile his financial disclosure reports to reflect repayment.

Menendez faced federal bribery and corruption charges stemming from his relationship with Melgen. Federal prosecutors alleged pay-to-play corruption, in which Melgen lavished gifts, trips and political donations on Menendez in exchange for political favors. The trial ended in mistrial last November, when jurors were unable to reach a verdict. 

If there's an ounce of decency.