Iran's Attack on a British Tanker Shows It Will Continue to Escalate

The essential pattern of aggressors in general is that they test an opponent for any signs of weakness. That's especially true of Islamic Jihadists who treat a lack of resistance as a sign that Allah favors their enterprise. While lefties insist that a response is provocative, it's a non-response that's truly provocative.

Iran's attack on a British tanker, after shooting down an American drone, and a previous tanker attack, shows that it's continuing to escalate by taking increasingly direct actions. It's betting that America and Europe will try to make the chaos stop by negotiating another deal with it.

And, history suggests, it may be right.

Deals are however another sign of weakness. 

In our current political state, Iran has become quite popular among lefties and even with a few on the right. Any talk of striking back is met with howls about "endless war" and "warmongers". The trouble though is that an aggressor ultimately gets to decide if there's a war.

The target gets to decide if they want to fight back.