Media Doxxers Keep Trying to Destroy People's Lives for Having the Wrong Opinions

The media keeps expressing concern about the threat to the First Amendment. 

Maybe it can take a look at the First Amendment problem from within. This BuzzFeed hit piece is the latest example of a growing media trend, thinly disguised "profiles" in doxxing people who trend on social media with the wrong opinions.

These Bizarre Kamala Harris And Mark Zuckerberg Conspiracy Sites Are Run By A Montessori School Director

Let's take that headline at face value. So what?

The only story here is that BuzzFeed is angry enough at these sites to try and doxx the people behind them, hoping it seems, to inflict some harm on them for...

1. Having the wrong opinions

2. Competing with BuzzFeed for clicks

And to BuzzFeed's shameless credit, it doesn't even hide or bury this agenda. It's right there in an early graph.

"The ability of this small network of sites and self-described researchers to influence public figures such as Stone and help fan false claims about a presidential candidate shows how fringe operators continue to break into the news cycle in advance of the 2020 Presidential election."

Yes, you don't want fringe operators muscling in on the business of a cat picture/listicle spam site with plagiarism issues.

Meanwhile media doxxing and censorship of political opponents on social media continues to be a rising First Amendment issue/