The Media's Double Standard on Hillary and Ivanka

The media has spent a generation assuring the public that Hillary Clinton, whose only qualification for entering a Senate race in New York and then, twice being treated as the presumptive nominee in presidential primaries, and serving as Secretary of State, was incredibly talented and qualified.

The cost of that bizarre lie can be measured by the disastrous 2016 election. And a guy named Trump in the White House.

But, at no point, has the media actually recanted its big lie about Hillary. Instead it shouted down any questions about the expansion of her role as First Lady into policy, right down to the 2016 election, as sexism.

Meanwhile it giggles and takes shot at Ivanka Trump.

The media can't have it both ways. Even though it will try to anyway. If it's sexism to complain about Hillary Clinton, it's sexism to complain about Ivanka Trump. Either the spouses and children of the guy in the White House have a legitimate role in national and international diplomacy.

Or they don't.

The media whines about Ivanka Trump, but conveniently forget the time that Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, leading to one of our low points in foreign policy, including the Reset Button with Russia and the murder of 4 Americans, including an ambassador, in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton's inappropriate entry into politics divided the country and cost American lives. And the media backed it to the hilt.