The Media's Timing on Epstein is its Own Cover-Up

That makes the media complicit in Epstein's crimes.

Media outlets are patting themselves on the back for finally covering the Epstein story after a decade of ignoring the question of why powerful Democrats in Palm Beach allowed a sex offender to...

1. Get off a slap on the wrist after pleading guilty to a prostitution charge instead of sex with underage girls

2. Serve his 13 month sentence in a private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade instead of going off to prison

3. Leave prison every day with sheriff's deputies as his private security, who referred to him as their "client", to go to his office

4. Spend his house arrest jetting off to his private island.

5. Fail to be treated as a level 3 sex offender in Palm Beach (which would have made him ineligible for work release), in New York City or in New Mexico.

Is the media talking about any of this? Only in passing.

Barry Krischer, the Florida State prosecutor responsible for much of this travesty, is the media's new best friend. Outlets keep quoting him in their attacks on Acosta.

And the media has made Acosta, not any of the state Dems, into the central figure in the Epstein case. Not only isn't that true. The feds were only brought in by the local cops because they thought that Krischer was untrustworthy, but their ability to do anything was limited largely to interstate.

The local authorities had to nail Epstein for abusing young girls. They chose not to do it.

And the media's timing is its own cover-up. This story was out there for a decade. Most of the facts were known. The media chose not to push too hard because Epstein was a co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative. Now the Clintons are history and the story is a potential attack on Trump.

That timing is its own cover-up.

The media didn't suddenly discover the story. The media knew about it all along and chose to ignore it until it could be safely used for partisan purposes.

That makes the media complicit in Epstein's crimes.