Muslim Aviation Engineer Busted in ISIS Gun-Running Scheme

More immigration from terror nations leads to more terror.

The indictment says 21-year-old Moyad Dannon and 20-year-old Mahde Dannon allegedly attempted to "provide material support and resources, including firearms, to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ("ISIS"), a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization."

Mahde Dannon was awaiting trial in northern Indiana on felony theft charges when he came up with a scheme to deliver firearms, some of them stolen, to an FBI informant. Mahde also got his brother, Moyad Dannon involved and the informant introduced the brothers to an undercover FBI agent.

During a six-month period last year, the brothers sold a number of illegally-obtained firearms to the informant. And, according to Minkler, the brothers began to make untraceable semi-automatic rifles, which they sold to the FBI agent. Early this year, they delivered one fully-automatic rifle to the agent.

Also early this year, Minkler says Moyad Dannon and the agent went to a location on the southwest U.S. border to sell the firearms to a potential buyer who would then ship them to the Middle East for use by ISIS. The brothers then stepped up rifle production and sold them to undercover agents posing as employees of the buyer near the southwest border.

At that point, the brothers were arrested. They remain in federal custody and face ten years in prison on each firearms charge and 20 years on the attempt to provide support to ISIS.

It could have been worse.

The Dannon brothers could have hooked up with one of the wannabe Jihadis trying to get their hands on guns to carry out an attack in America.

Current social media evidence is sparse and the persons listed may not be the same as the two brothers, but LinkedIn has a profile for an Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer of the same name who had graduated from a Fishers high school.

And the following comment turns up beneath the video of a returning soldier's homecoming.

"Its funny how they have kids that they could remember but at the same time they are killing innocent children in the middle east," Moyad Dannon.


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