New York Suffers Blackouts After Passing Green New Deal

New York City has been hit by two major blackouts after Mayor Bill de Blasio and a radical city council chose to pass their version of the Green New Deal. The most obvious weakness of the New York City proposal was trying to rely on solar and wind in a city that's wrong for both.

"We're actually making the Green New Deal come alive here in New York City," the leftist mayor explained.

Bill de Blasio claimed that the city would switch completely to ‘renewables’ in only 5 years. That would be a spectacular achievement since neither solar nor wind energy work all that well in New York.

New York ranks 47 out of 50 states in average sunlight hours at only 3.79. It’s windier than it is sunnier, but still only comes in at 28 out of 50 with an average annual windspeed of 0.05 miles per hours. Turbines need winds of 10 miles an hour to start working and city winds are not only erratic, when they blow, they come from different directions, making conventional wind energy setups all but useless.

The New York Times even noted that the city’s turbines were for show, with the builder of the city’s first wind turbine building installation admitting that they barely did anything. “On a good day, there’s maybe enough energy to power the common areas,” he said, “but we don’t get a lot of good days.”

“Our installers spend more time convincing people not to build turbines than to build them,” New York State’s turbine program director said. “The conditions really have to be ideal.”

Imagining the kind of blackouts that would hit New York City if it tried to actually switch to directly getting energy from wind and solar would be horrifying. And by horrifying, I mean that massive power outrages during a heat wave in an aging city would lead to real fatilities.