New York Times' Tom Friedman Predicts Trump's Reelection Due to Dem Radicalism

I exagerate. But not by that much.

It'll probably be another decade before Tom Friedman is ready to vote for Bill Weld. But the freakout by an establishment New York Times voice does signal that the Dem civil war is only beginning. 

Friedman is smart enough to package this in anti-Trump hysteria. ‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’ he begins. No 7 words could be better calculated to loosen the sphincter of the average upper middle class, upper west side, New York Times boomer subscriber.

And that's Friedman's base.

Why is Trump going to win?

I was shocked that so many candidates in the party whose nominee I was planning to support want to get rid of the private health insurance covering some 250 million Americans and have “Medicare for all” instead. I think we should strengthen Obamacare and eventually add a public option.

I was shocked that so many were ready to decriminalize illegal entry into our country. I think people should have to ring the doorbell before they enter my house or my country.

I was shocked at all those hands raised in support of providing comprehensive health coverage to undocumented immigrants. I think promises we’ve made to our fellow Americans should take priority, like to veterans in need of better health care.

On 2 out of 3 points, Friedman sounds... Republican. Almost Trumpian. 

I particularly like that doorbell line.

As the Dems drift farther to the Left, Trump's position starts moving closer to the center. The triangulation is working.

Dear Democrats: This is not complicated! Just nominate a decent, sane person, one committed to reunifying the country and creating more good jobs, a person who can gain the support of the independents, moderate Republicans and suburban women who abandoned Donald Trump in the midterms and thus swung the House of Representatives to the Democrats and could do the same for the presidency. And that candidate can win!

But the Democrats are controlled by an activist base that goes into spasms of joy whenever it sees "women of color" in politics and keeps embracing every new radical leftist position while dismissed its old past radical positions as insufficiently Bolshevik.

This radicalism is backed by big donors and the tide of medium donors operating through ActBlue. California and New York control the party. 

In short, it ain't happening.