Opposition to Medicare-for-All Hits 57% in Post-Debate Poll

The media has its narrative. 

Meanwhile it's ignoring some interesting numbers from its own polling. Take this latest CNN poll, asking, "if the government instituted a national health insurance program for all Americans, do you think that program should or should not completely replace private health insurance?"

That's of course the premise of the misleading lie that is "Medicare for All" (try Medicaid for All, at best).

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to eliminate private insurance. Despite her disingeous dodges, so does Senator Kamala Harris.  

But, since February, the number of people who support total socialized medicine with the elimination of private insurance dropped from 40% to 37%.

Opposition to Medicare-for-All's elimination of private insurance rose from 54% to 57%.

It's right there in the numbers. The ones the media doesn't want to report.