PBS Pres Battling Trump's Budget Cuts Will Draw +$1 Mil Salary for 5 Years

The following PBS salary has been brought to you by taxpayers like you.

PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger has signed a 5-year contract extension with the company.

Kerger made the announcement at the network’s summer Television Critics Association press tour. She has been in the role since 2006 and represents the longest-running PBS president in the broadcaster’s history.

“You always wrestle with the question how long is long enough,” Kerger said. “I want to make sure that when I do hang up those skates, I’ve done everything to make sure public television is on a sound a foundation as possible.”

During her executive session, Kerger addressed once again the Trump administration’s continued attempts to zero out federal funding for public broadcasting and how PBS is planning to combat the loss of funding going forward.

By paying Paula a lot of money. During the argument with Trump, conservatives were passing around old salary data for Paula.

Outdated NPR and PBS salary information from 2011 was circulated in March 2017 by people in favor of  President Trump’s proposal to cut federal funding for public broadcasting.

That was back when Paula was earning a mere $632,233 salary.

PBS President Paula Kerger remains in her position, but her salary had actually risen to $802,978 by 2016.

The 2017 filing seems to show a $1,073,028 salary. (Those are some interesting pay hikes.) Whatever her 5-year salary, it's going to be even bigger. Meanwhile PBS will keep pleading for cash so Arthur can have more gay weddings and Paula can be paid a fortune.

The President only earns $400,000. Meanwhile the President of PBS earns over a million.

One is an elected office. The other is appointed.

A reminder of who really wields the power in this country, elected officials or a network of non-profits and government agencies.


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