Rep. Eric Swalwell Proves There's No Room for a Single Issue Anti-Gun 2020 Candidate

You won't have Rep. Eric Swalwell to kick around anymore. Not unless you live in his district.

The 2020 candidate who tied with Mayor Bill de Blasio for the most hated 2020 candidate in the race is reportedly planning to drop out and spend less time making awkward campaign videos while threatening to nuke gun owners.

The NRA didn't beat  Eric Swalwell. The man himself did. His off-putting personality did him no favors. But his bid for a single issue candidacy, gun control, also failed showing that there really isn't any room for single issue candidates in this race.

The big shrink in the 2020 field will likely wipe out the remaining single issue candidates, Inslee and Steyer, apparently. It will flood away the novelty candidates and even Bernie's declining percentages can be attributed to his perception as a candidate with a narrow field of issues.

Voters are looking for a broader take. And that may help explain why Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls. Her endless raft of five year plans may seem silly, but in an overcrowded field, they helped convince Democrats that she had expertise and could actually govern.

Single issue candidates are inherently stunt candidates. And they can't and won't last.