Senator Cory Booker: Human Trafficker

After failing at everything else, Senator Cory Booker is going back to what worked in his glory days in Newark.

Publicity stunts.

"Today I crossed the US-Mexico border in El Paso with @fams2gether and @LasAmericasIAC to help five women present themselves for asylum. These are my observations. Please don't look away," Booker tweeted.

That's followed by the usual claims that detention for illegal aliens is a house of horrors. (In that case, why escort these supposed refugees there?)

The crossing was organized by Families Together. It's fairly typical of Booker's preference for publicity stunts over actually doing anything.

"It shouldn't take a member of Congress to help people cross into our country," Booker tweeted.

Nobody should be crossing into our country. Period. 

Not unless they're Americans, tourists with visas or other people who have a legal right to be here. 


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