Treat Nike Like a Foreign Propaganda Operation

Nike decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by announcing that the original flag of the United States is an "offensive symbol" after demands from anti-American black nationalist activist Colin Kaepernick. That's right after joining in a propaganda social media crackdown orchestrated by the People's Republic of China trying to suppress Christian democracy protests in Hong Kong.

That's not a consistent pattern of wokeness. It's a company whose shoes are produced in Asian sweatshops pandering to the Chi Coms while attacking America.

When Nike takes the PRC side on democracy protests, but then treats protests against the American flag and the anthem as something it needs to support and subsidize, that's a foreign propaganda operation.

And maybe we ought to start treating Nike and other 'woke' brands like RT, Sputnik and other foreign propaganda ops.

If companies are going to turn social justice into their brand, it's time to take a look at where their cash is coming from, how they interface with government officials and state owned firms in foreign countries, and what their motivations are for colluding in attacks on America.

Just do it.



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