Washington Post Runs Glowing Profile of Libyan Islamist Sanctioned by US Treasury for Rocket Attacks on Ambulance Workers

Democracy dies in Islamist propaganda. 

Forget Jamal Khashoggi. The Washington Post, owned by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, found an even worse Jihadist to rally behind.

(Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department said on Monday it had imposed sanctions on Libyan Islamist commander Salah Badi, accusing him of undermining security by directing attacks on groups aligned with Libya’s U.N.-backed Government of National Accord.

The U.S. State Department said Badi had also been placed under financial sanctions by the U.N. Security Council’s Libya Sanctions Committee, and the listing requires all U.N. members to impose an asset freeze and travel ban

The Treasury said in a statement that Badi’s militia forces had used highly destructive Grad rockets in densely populated areas in the latest round of fighting in the capital Tripoli in September.

Here are the UN sanctions. Here are the Treasury sanctions.

In September 2018, militia forces under Badi’s command battled rival militias, despite repeated calls from the UN for all sides to adhere to a ceasefire.  Among those killed in the fighting were members of the ambulance and emergency services in Tripoli.  

But there is literally no Qatari propaganda on behalf of Jihadists that the Washington Post won't run.

Cue a Washington Post article, "He once attacked Tripoli. Now a Libyan militia leader defends it from another invader." I won't link it because I don't believe in spreading Jihadist propaganda.

But here's a sample of part of the opening.

Today, Badi is one of Tripoli’s defenders. He fights for the very U.N.-installed government he tried to oust. That government, in turn, is backed by some of the Western powers that imposed sanctions on him.

And the militias Badi once battled? They are now his allies.

“We take selfies now,” chuckled the stout, 61-year-old militia commander, silver-haired with a goatee.

What's the actual difference between the Washington Post and Al Jazeera?

“George Washington led a militia,” Badi said, peering through large black rectangular spectacles, his hands fiddling with a chain of worry beads. “I am the George Washington of Libya.”

Walter Duranty eat your heart out.

The Washington Post never mentions that Badi is an Islamist except when it's trying to exculpate him.

Badi denies allegations that he is a hard-line Islamist. “We don’t want extremists to use Islam in ruling the country,” he said.

This is foul even for the Washington Post, which turned Osama bin Laden's old pal, Jamal Khashoggi, into a free speech martyr, which insists on pushing the Yemen famine hoax, and routinely echoes the Qatari position on the Middle East.

But here the Post is whitewashing an Islamist who used rocket attacks on civilian areas that killed ambulance workers.

Is there really nothing Jeff Bezos won't countenance? 


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