Why Kamala Harris Isn't Obama

A lot of conservatives went into the 2020 campaign with the assumption that Senator Kamala Harris would be the next Obama.

Yes, there's some commonality of background. They both had absentee black fathers and were raised by non-black mothers with a penchant for black nationalism. Both came out of elitist circles and attempted to exploit black history. But while background is important, conservatives occasionally focused too much on where Obama came from as an explanation for who he was. Kamala Harris shares a background, but little else with Obama.

Obama was a career radical. Kamala Harris is just a careerist. She appears to have no views that she won't switch in 5 minutes. She's a leftist, but there's no particular conviction to it. Her politics are a product of the political machine she spent much of her life attached to. And she backs causes because someone thought they were a good idea at the time. That's what led her into taking a chancy position on abolishing everyone's health plans, and then trying to flip-flop in every possible direction. 

Obama, at the height of his powers, had a clear ability to charm, manipulate and even drive people crazy. Harris is boring. Once you get pass her routine, there's nothing more there than there is with most of the other candidates in the race. That's why, after getting her race card moment, she's dropping back in the polls again. There's no movement here. Just paid campaign pros trying to make Kamala happen.

And the latest polls show it's not.