Why Is There $615 Mil for a Wall to Protect New York, But Not America?

There's lots of money for everything. Except protecting our borders.

America is building another big wall. This one will protect New York

Good news.

There's hundreds of millions to protect New York. But not a penny to protect America.

By 2025, New York's Staten Island will be fortified by a towering seawall running 5.3 miles along the coast, an engineering feat designed to ward off a growing threat.

If only ocean waves voted Democrat, there would be no seawall.

A recent report by the Center for Climate Integrity estimated it could cost the US more than $400 billion over the next 20 years to protect coastal communities.

What about communities in Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California?

Seven years later, $615 million in funding has been secured for the ultimate defense -- a levee, buried seawall and vertical floodwall reaching 20 feet above sea level.

Topped with a public walkway, it's officially being called the "Staten Island Multi-Use Elevated Promenade." Graphic visualizations of the wall, released by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, show happy cyclists riding along a wooden deck near an ice-cream stand and coin-operated telescopes pointed out to sea.

That's the answer. A Border Multi-Use Promenade complete with cyclists eating ice cream.