2 Women Use Burkas to Shoplift in UK (VIDEO)

Aside from being a human rights violation, burkas/abayas and similar Islamic garments are a security risk. And a shoplifting risk.

Two women in Muslim dress were caught in an apparent attempt to use their outfits to steal dozens of items from a supermarket.

The women were stopped by security guards at an Asda branch in Dagenham, East London, after being suspected of trying to leave with an estimated £200 worth of tins of baby formula hidden in their clothing.

Video footage taken by a local shopper appeared to show one of the women taking items from what appeared to be a bag or pouch hidden under the long, black robe she was wearing after being confronted by security staff at the store last Saturday evening.

Both women were wearing hijabs and black abayas, the headscarf and loose robe-like garment worn by some Muslim women.

Islamic leaders and activists are claiming that the women can't possibly be Muslims. There's no way to prove that one way or the other, since their names and identities haven't been made public, But Dagenham has a sizable Muslim population. There are a lot of minorities.

But it really doesn't matter whether or not the shoplifters were Muslim or not.

There have been multiple burka bank robberies around the world, and at least some of the perpetrators were not Muslim. That just emphasizes the problematic nature of allowing people to go around with their faces covered in places like banks and stores.

Some of the perpetrators however were Muslim.

ONE MORNING THIS past May, three men sat in a Jeep outside a Port Richmond bank and put on new identities.

To Western eyes, two of them became hijabi — Muslim women who cover themselves — by pulling on full-length black burqas. They became, in a sense, invisible. The bank sat inside a busy supermarket, where shoppers would surely notice the two monoliths moving among them; but just as surely, those shoppers would pass by with eyes cast down, or aside, or beyond. They may be drawn for a moment by the sheer otherness of the hijabi, but would dependably look away with a twinge of awkward guilt for having noticed.

The men — Howard Cain, Levon Warner and Eric Floyd — were themselves Muslim, and knew to expect this reaction. Counted on it.

Cain ended up murdering Officer Stephen Liczbinski.

Hijabs, burkas and other slave garments don't just harm women. They can kill.

Three men dressed in female Muslim garb had robbed a Bank of America on Aramingo Avenue. Sergeant Liczbinski encountered the suspects on East Schiller Street and stopped their car. As he exited his patrol car, a suspect opened fire with an SKS rifle, striking him several times. 

Several citizens who witnessed the incident rushed to assist the officer, wrapping his wounds in an effort to stop the bleeding. Sergeant Liczbinski told them tell my wife and kids I love them before he fell into unconsciousness. Another officer and a citizen carried him into a patrol car and he was transported to a local hospital, where he died from his wounds.

Maybe the French actually know what they're doing.