“Access to Adequate Nutritious Food is a Human Right"

Democrats have begun claiming that health insurance is a human right, and housing is a human right. Food? Obviously a human right.

But not just any food. “Access to adequate nutritious food is a human right,," declared Corey Johnson, New York City's insanely terrible City Council Speaker. 

Corey Johnson is so bad that he makes Bill de Blasio seem moderate.

And due to term limits, New York City's political crazies become the state's and then the nation's problem.

As Mayor Bill de Blasio flew back from Detroit after a poorly received showing in Democratic presidential primary debate, Johnson, a front-runner in the 2021 mayoral race, was in Brooklyn releasing a new City Council report highlighting “hunger problems” that low-income residents face while offering solutions on how to provide healthy accessible, food to all New Yorkers.

“Access to adequate nutritious food is a human right,” Johnson told roughly 100 supporters while discussing the report at PS 265 in Cypress Hills.

He added, “Food is power! We feel it when we eat it.”

Johnson will make New Yorkers long for the relative insanity of his predecessor. But the New York Dem infrastructure has become a political machine run by radical lefties who constantly foist new horrible disasters on the city, the state and the country.

And those come with bold new ideas. Like claiming that not merely food, but "nutritious food" is a human right.

You have a right to organic plums. It's a human right. 

Also you don't just have a right to housing, but to a house on the lake. 

And you have a right to be berated by Corey Johnson about food power. It's a right.