Alabama GOP Passes Resolution Calling for Expulsion of Rep. Omar Over Anti-Semitic Language

While organizations like AIPAC actually defend Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib, despite their anti-Semitism, while the ADL advocates on behalf of hate groups like If Not Now, the Alabama GOP has stepped forward with a resolution calling for Omar's expulsion over, among other things, anti-Semitism.

That was the takeaway on Saturday at the ALGOP’s summer meeting hosted on the Plains in Lee County after the body passed a resolution introduced by State Rep. Tommy Hanes (R-Bryant) calling for Alabama’s congressional delegation to seek the expulsion of their Democratic colleague Omar.

Hanes took to the floor of the meeting to make a case for his proposal.

“It’s just simply asking this body to ask the U.S. delegation, the Alabama delegation in Washington, D.C. to start proceedings to unseat Ilhan Omar, congresswoman from Minnesota,” Hanes said. “This woman is continuously spewing anti-American rhetoric, anti-Semitism. She is un-American. She came from a war-torn country in Somalia to seek protection under Lady Liberty’s hand.”

The resolution notes that Rep. Omar falsely accused American armed forces of committing war crimes, sympathized with a convicted terrorist, and "has a record of using anti-Semitic language."

And yet it's sad that it falls to the Alabama GOP to put forward a resolution that Jewish groups should have advocated.


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