And Then There Were Too Many: Inslee and Hickenlooper Out

The Dem 2020 field is narrowing slightly. At least insofar as the more implausible candidates are dropping out.

That appears to include Jay Inslee, a single-issue warmunist candidate who seemed to be running to get donations from Tom Steyer. But then Steyer, awkwardly, entered the race on his own rendering Inslee's candidacy even more pointless than it was before.

And so Inslee will go back to tormenting Washington instead.

Think of it as recycling.

Hickenlooper, who, for some implausible reason, decided to run for the White House, instead of the Senate, is belatedly reconsidering, but may actually wind up with nothing at all.

Hickenlooper's candidacy may as little sense as Inslee's. His base appears to be Biden voters. And they're already voting for Biden.

Dems who hate the idea of Warren or Sanders are backing Biden for that very reason. Hickenlooper didn't have much of a sales pitch for convincing them to go with the candidate polling at non-existent numbers. The other thing Biden voters want is an electable candidate.

At no point in time did Hickenlooper convince them, anyone else, or even himself, that he was electable.

Both Inslee and Hickenlooper have solid political career options. So their absurd 2020 efforts can be viewed as ways of raising their political profiles.