Beto O'Rourke's Only Plan for Political Survival is Crying, "Racism"

Not all that long ago, Beto O'Rourke had a cult. Now all he has is a humiliating failure.

Not all that long ago, he had a real shot at the Dem 2020 nomination. He spoke on tables and reporters flocked to report on his Instagram videos. Now he's taking his 0% and trying to top it by accusing everyone and their cousin of being racists.


Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke on Sunday said it was "really hard" not to view supporters of President Donald Trump as racist.

Democrats are trying to win some of Trump's voters. Calling them racist doesn't help.

But, O'Rourke at this point doesn't care about the general election. He's extremely unlikely to even get there unless he throws out all the stops. And considering his miserable performance in 2020, not that many Dems will get behind another Texas Senate push.

(This is where Stacey Abrams turned out to be a lot cannier than O'Rourke, signaling that she could run, but keeping her eye on her state.)

O'Rourke isn't just losing. He squandered a lead, a ton of cash and everyone's expectations by becoming the debate punching bag.

He really only has one option now. Go as loud as he can.

The El Paso shootings were a huge gift to his political campaign. Suddenly the media wanted to talk to O'Rourke again and he had one message. Shouting about racism.

Black voters are the big bloc in this race. O'Rourke is hoping that maybe he can poach some of the black voters who haven't committed to Biden or Harris. And some of the Latino voters who remain up for grabs. And maybe Warren will crash and burn, unlocking her hipsters.

It's a futile strategy, but he has nothing else going for him. And so Beto will keep shouting, "Racists".

If you don't vote for him, you probably hate fake Latinos.


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