Bill de Blasio Fundraises Off Dead Father He Rejected

In the bottomless sewer of the 2020 Democrat field, Bill de Blasio always finds a way to sink to new depths

Mayor Bill de Blasio is using the suicide of his World War II veteran dad to attract donor dollars for his struggling 2020 campaign.

“Did you see Bill on the Daily Show this week? It’s a must-watch,” says a fundraising pitch that was emailed to potential contributors over the weekend.

“In the interview, Bill talks about his proven commitment to working people — but he also discusses something you may not have heard him talk about before: his father’s suicide,” the email says, referring to his Aug. 14 sit-down with Trevor Noah.

Trying to fundraise off your father's suicide is bad. But it's Bill de Blasio, so the 'bad' is just getting start.

Bill de Blasio actually had three legal names.

His actual (and much less electable legal name, at least in New York City) was Warren Wilhelm Jr. And Bill de Blasio dumped his father's name, that of Warren Wilhelm Sr, because they were estranged. 

So Bill de Blasio isn't just fundraising off his dead father. He's cashing in on the death of a man he rejected, and whose name he wouldn't even retain.

We've reached and surpassed the definition of 'chutzpah' here.

The good news for Bill is that he officially doesn't have a soul. The bad news is that he has no reflection in mirrors which helps explain his haircut.


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