Of Course America Shouldn't Let Her In

" Her Ex-Boyfriend Killed Her Mother. Will the U.S. Offer a Refuge?" asks the New York Times, offering the tenth thousandth migrant sob story.

Asylum rules were specifically made for people fleeing totalitarian regimes persecuting people for their views, race, religion, etc... The United States is not a shelter for people fleeing criminals. The United States has its own criminals. There are husbands and boyfriends in this country who kill women. Aside from everything else, coming to the United States does not provide security against abusive husbands or boyfriends.

Nor is it meant to.

The security that the United States offers refugees is embodied in its Constitution and its Bill of Rights. That means political and religious freedoms.

The surge of migrants from south of the border is driven by economic and social problems. And the problems they're fleeing, gang violence and criminality, poverty and limited economic opportunity, exist in the United States. And the migrant flow worsens and imports them into America.

The Left chooses to deliberately ignore and dismiss these facts.

"Across Latin America, a murder epidemic is underway. Most years, more than 100,000 people are killed, largely young men on the periphery of broken societies, where gangs and cartels sometimes take the place of the state," the Times clamors.

So let's bring that system, its young men and broken societies to America. And let them murder American women.

This is the fantastic plan that the Left and its newspaper, the New York Times offers us.