Dem Senator Accused of Groping 8 Women Will Call Trump a Liar for Money

The former Senator from Minnesota, a heaving mass of human garbage neatly compacted into pustule form, is seeking a comeback.

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Soros.

Al Franken is ready to make his comeback.

After resigning from the U.S. Senate at the beginning of 2018 due to sexual-harassment allegations, the comedian is working with Hollywood firm United Talent Agency to make paid public speeches. The agency sent an email this week pitching Franken to potential bookers and promoters, touting his “unique voice,” Emmy awards, best-selling books and career in the Senate.

Before his election to the Senate as a Democrat from Minnesota, Franken was on the speaking circuit, which can pay tens of thousands of dollars per appearance. Members of Congress aren’t allowed to be paid for their speeches.

What will Franken, whom 8 women accused of pawing them, discuss to earn his shillings?

According to UTA, Franken will feature in "An Evening With Franken". 

As we head into the 2020 elections, Franken will cut through the conventional wisdom and tell you how it really is. For example, President Trump has a tendency to exaggerate or just flat out lie. Really.

So a guy whom 8 women accused of groping them will go on the lecture circuit to call Trump a liar.

Please tell me more about how Republicans "hate women".