Dr. Jason Hill Discusses His Work and Ideas

Dr. Jason Hill, the Freedom Center's New Shillman Journalism Fellow, discusses his life and his ideas on this episode of the Glazov Gang. In his interview with Jamie Glazov, Dr. Hill talks about his background, what fuels his Zionism and how he sees the world.

This interesting discussion between two intellects is well worth watching.

I had written about Dr. Hill's background and challenges earlier here.

This isn’t the first time the campus hate coalition has come after Dr. Hill looking for a safe space. He ought to be everything that lefties embrace. But instead they have been fighting to force him out.

It’s not hard to see why.

A politically correct philosophy professor wouldn’t appear regularly on FOX News. Or declare on his site that his mission is “Defending the American Dream” and “Fighting for the American People.”

The respected philosophy professor has delivered lectures on such topics as, “Biological Collectivism and The Politics of Racial Identity”, "When We Should Not Get Along: Cosmopolitan Values in a Multicultural World", and “Hiding From Humanity: The Burka and the Obliteration of Human Identity.”

That last one was delivered at the City College of London.

Despite appearing to some to be the embodiment of identity politics, Dr. Hill has instead challenged it. And, like all minorities who question the very political system that exploits them as the justification for its power, he has received a disproportionate share of outrage and fury from that political system.