Elizabeth Warren; 4K Internet Streaming is a Human Right and Gov Must Provide It

Elizabeth Warren claims not to be a socialist, yet she's proposed turning the post office into a bank for the welfare class, and now, spending $85 billion to have the government provide internet service to the welfare class. 

Or, as Warren calls it, a "public option" for the internet.

If her "public option" for the internet evolves the way the public option for healthcare did, then the next step will be to mandate government internet and outlaw all private internet service providers.

"Every home," Warren insists, should have access to 25 Mbps/ 3 Mbps broadband internet. Not just internet, but 25 Mbps/ 3 Mbps internet.

Or, what Netflix says, is the minimum speed for streaming 4K. 

And the government must provide 4K streaming speeds. And you must pay for it so that Democrats have access to it. You must.

"Nearly 27% of households in Detroit and Cleveland had no Internet access in 2017, and households with incomes below $35,000 comprise 60% of households without broadband access, despite making up just 31% of the national population," Warren writes.

It is possible that some of those households don't want internet? Or don't need 4K Netflix streaming?

Impossible. The government must spend $45 billion to provide 4K streaming to all of Detroit.

4K streaming is the new human right.

"This ends when I’m President. I will make sure every home in America has a fiber broadband connection at a price families can afford," Warren promises.

You can tell things are pretty good in America when the socialist is running on a plan to get everyone 4K streaming.

What's next? Affordably priced Netflix subscriptions? Free smartphones? Oh wait, we have those already. Free video game systems? Being able to play Battlefield and Mario Kart is a human right.

"Create an Office of Broadband Access in my Department of Economic Development that will manage a new $85 billion federal grant program to massively expand broadband access across the country," Warren threatens.

Hey, it's only money. Taxpayers have lots of it to subsidize Netflix 4K streaming for undocumented welfare Democrats.