Elizabeth Warren Must Apologize for Slandering a Cop Facing Death Threats

5 years ago, Officer Darren Wilson was assaulted by a violent thug who had just attacked a store manager. Multiple witnesses testified that Michael Brown assaulted Wilson. Despite that Wilson was smeared for defending his life by shooting Brown. He and his wife were forced to resign.

And Wilson has been unable to find a new job.

On top of that, Wilson also faced numerous death threats.

Now, Senator Elizabeth Warren added to the problem by falsely accusing Wilson of "murdering" Brown. Not only is Warren ignoring a court decision, the otherwise toxic Obama DOJ report on Ferguson, and all the available evidence, but she's encouraging a new wave of attacks on Wilson.

"5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson," Senator Elizabeth Warren lied.

The lie was so egregious that she ended up on the wrong side of a Fact Check. Even Vox backed away from her.

But Warren knows it doesn't matter.

She's making a desperate ploy for black voters and she knows that there's no downside to being too far to the Left. Not in this primary.

But it's important to remember that the real victim here is Darren Wilson. And Warren's lie encourages more violence against him.


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