Hamas Asks Muslim Attackers to Stop Flying Nazi Flags

While we're having a "white supremacist" moment in the media, it might be good to remember three things...

1. Every time you see a story about the "suffering" in Hamas-run Gaza, that's Hamas propaganda

2. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Most Islamist groups are linked to the Brotherhood. So that most Islamist groups in the United States advocate for Hamas.

3. The Muslim Brotherhood has a history with the Nazis. 

So you can see why this story is a little awkward.

The Gaza Strip-ruling Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has told rioters on the border with Israel to not to fly the Nazi swastika flag after a photo of them doing so was tweeted by the IDF last Friday.

The flag was flown on the border fence as part of the Hamas-orchestrated “March of Return” riots that have become a near-weekly occurrence since March 2018.

In response, the Israeli news site Mako reported, Hamas issued a message to rioters asking them not to fly the swastika, “so that the Israeli occupation cannot take advantage of it.”

Because it makes us look bad.

Does this mean the media will stop promoting CAIR and other Hamas-linked groups or ask them about their supremacism?