Homeland Catches 71 Illegal Alien Child Impostors

The Democrats love children.

As long as they are the children of illegal aliens who have already been born and can't be cut up and sold off in pieces by Planned Parenthood chop shops. They love children so much that they don't care if they are actually children or not.

HSI recently encountered a 23-year-old Honduran male who claimed, with a fake birth certificate, to be 17 when apprehended by Border Patrol. Since mid-April, HSI agents have discovered 71 such child imposters; 70 of whom have been accepted for prosecution.

And the ones who were caught would by necessity be a fraction of the grand total.

The huge volume of the illegal alien invasion is impossible to cope with by any means short of major mobilization.

But the question though is would Rachel Maddow cry as hard when child impostors are 'caged'?


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