House Dems Launch Campaign Against US Ambassador for Opposing BDS

Rep. Ted Lieu, the House's most infamous Twitter troll, got the ball rolling with a tweet targeting Ambassador Friedman, the ambassador to Israel,. declaring, "You are an American. Your allegiance should be to America, not to a foreign power. You should be defending the right of Americans to travel to other countries."

Lieu was forced to apologize for the dual loyalty slur after a backlash, but if Friedman is to be accused of dual loyalty, what about Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib, who are disrupting American foreign policy out of their Islamist and nationalist allegiances?

Democrats have no problem accusing Jews of dual loyalty, but accusing Rep. Omar or Rep. Tlaib of dual loyalty is unacceptable.

But this was only the opening of a larger campaign by House Dems who want an investigation of Ambassador Friedman. Even if it's unclear for what.

In the morning talks, lawmakers recalled a 1975 incident in which Henry Waxman, a longtime Democratic congressman from California, was banned from Saudi Arabia after listing his Jewish background on his visa application. The State Department intervened at that time in order to ensure all members of Congress could conduct business on behalf of the government, and Waxman was allowed in.

Friedman is breaking with that precedent, they argue, by failing to stand up for members of Congress.

The group of Democratic lawmakers may call for a formal inspector general investigation “into the role the ambassador played in barring them from entering the country,” another congressional source said.

“Committees can make it very difficult for ambassadors to do their jobs,” the source continued, “if he makes it very difficult for our members to do our jobs.”

There's a really obvious difference between a country banning somebody because of being born Jewish and a country banning somebody because they're bigots who support the murder of Jews.

But Democrat lawmakers are truly infuriated because Ambassador Friedman called out the anti-Semitism of their colleagues. And they're making it clear that they intend to punish him for calling out BDS and Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib.