Joe Biden Generates Less Grass-Roots Enthusiasm Than Grass

Who out there is enthusiastic about Joe Biden?

Even Biden doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about his candidacy. Instead his campaign is grinding along on the theory that he is the most electable candidate because 60% of the country doesn't suspect that he wants to lead a Communist revolution.

And his fundraising reflects all the grass-roots enthusiasm of well... grass.

Unlike O’Rourke, Biden has enjoyed a steady stream of high-dollar, in-person events with big donors to bolster his finances, putting him among the top Democratic fundraisers in 2020. But the online totals are a sign that Biden has not built enthusiastic grassroots support for his presidential campaign, despite his lead in the polls...

Biden’s early online fundraising from his launch week amounted to 60 percent of his overall online fundraising from the first quarter of his campaign. After his impressive initial week, a median — or middle-of-the-road — fundraising day for the Biden campaign brought in $65,000. A similar day for Sanders, Buttigieg or Warren during that time raised between $124,000 and $149,000 for their campaigns. (Harris, however, was raising less money in early summer: her median day in May and June raised $37,000.)

That's because few are enthusiastic about either Biden or Harris.

Biden is mostly raising money the old-fashioned way, from well-heeled donors who expect things in return. Politico's analysis focuses on ActBlue, a money machine for lefties, which succeeds by harnessing multiple donations by committed activists.

Joe Biden was never going to have Bernie's or Warren's numbers on it, but it does highlight the fact that nobody is enthusiastic about his candidacy. Even Hillary seemed to generate more enthusiasm for her candidacy than Biden does.


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