Lefties Ally With Nazis to Stop Hungary's Immigration Crackdown

Forget the Red-Green alliance. This brings back the Red-Black-Green alliance of yore.

And it's a reminder that lefties have policy goals. They could care less about "Nazism" or "fascism" or "white supremacy" or all the stuff they screech about. Their grandpas allied with Hitler. Now in Hungary, lefties are suddenly learning to love a political party they had called Nazis.

Why? Because it helps them open the doors to the Islamic migrants. And you can hardly turn up your nose at allying with Nazis when George Soros is your pal.

Despite some attempts at rehabilitation, racism still appears to be part of Jobbik’s political DNA. Its current leader, Tamas Sneider, is a former skinhead who confessed to beating a Roma person in 1992 with metal cables in an allegedly racist attack. In a 2013 speech in parliament, Jobbik’s second in command, Marton Gyongyosi, called for drawing up a list of all Hungarian Jews because they are “security risks.”

But the political landscape has shifted. There is growing frustration with the ruling party, the right-wing Fidesz, and its iron grip on power. Anti-Fidesz left-wingers, including within Mazsihisz, have turned toward Jobbik as a potential partner.

This process has resulted in an unlikely alliance ahead of local elections in October featuring Jobbik and left-wing parties that once were among its harshest critics, including the Hungarian Socialist Party and the Democratic Coalition.

Under the arrangement announced last month, all opposition parties would endorse whichever candidate polls suggest is likeliest to win a given constituency. In other words, left-wing parties would urge their supporters to vote for Jobbik candidates where they are likeliest to win, and vice versa.

Many observers are stunned by the cooperation between ultranationalists and their formerly staunch opponents. World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder wrote in February that reports of the alliance “deeply troubled” him.

But to many Hungarians who have had enough of Fidesz rule under Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the deal makes sense.

Hungarians are still clearly backing Orban. Lefties, on the other hand, see an opportunity for splitting the Right. And it may work.

Once it does, the history will be quickly buried, much as the history of lefty collaboration with the Nazis was.

You don't hear much about how lefties worked to suppress anti-Nazi movies in Hollywood do you? Just stories of the sainted Communist screenwriters heroically refusing to disavow their comrades.